Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cancel the Lookout

I just finished reading Fox Nation that 37,000 Black Ministers blasted Pres. Obama for not defending marriage in America. What a sigh of relief for me, because I personally thought something had happen to the Ministers or they were under a gage order from the I.R.S. My young Nephew who is a college Chaplin at Morehouse College and Ordained Minister has a saying. You can only stay silent but so long - eventually trouble will get to Your street. They were quiet during the Health Care take-over. They were quiet while the Executive Branch over-stepped it boundaries and meddling in State Affairs. They appeared OK with massive debt, and socialistic policies that God has already said were wicked. Even though they spoke up 2yrs. late, I am glad that they can speak up for themselves before they to would become irrelevant. There will be Trouble in America regardless of who is sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It appears that People taking a righteous stand, are as scarce as hen's teeth. If You happen to see One, encourage them to do the right thing.

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