Thursday, March 24, 2011


Every time that a Country gets involved in another country with weapons, people immediately cry Oil. Everything is not about oil. Proverbs says 1.Knowledge 2.Wisdom 3.Understanding. Get the other two but in all Your getting, get an understanding. Short of this we set ourselves up to be Deceived. Search Bretton Woods agreement while You can. The gist is The Central Bankers think that they run the world. It was agreed upon in 1944 that America would become a consumer Nation. Wealth would be distributed to needy countries by sending businesses there and they would buy Treasury Notes. This is the method behind businesses leaving their home countries for another one, and tax breaks. My teachings are that debt is evil. Especially this mess that the devil cooked up to have the New World Order. The world would be under the control of a few Elites. The mark of the beast is Deception, which is often expressed or applied through the 'greenbacks'. People are slaves to this worthless paper. What do You have if You take 5 pounds of chicken manure and put In God We Trust on it? And so it is with the green stuff. It gets my attention when the Pres.,Treasury Secr.,and Fed. Res. Pres. show up together-it can't be good.

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