Monday, March 28, 2011

The Four Hidden Dynesties.

I am concerned for the state of the World. The Light of the world appears to be fluttering in that the follwers of Christ are getting weak. Apostle Paul says that the 'race is not given to the weak or the strong, but to whom endures until the end'. Jesus has told us everything, we need to be the Light. In Daniel 2 the 5th. Kingdom is about to come to an end. That means that there will be a 6th. Kingdom. The systom that we are now in will collaps, it is a fact and documented. The Four Hidden Dynesties are becoming more visable to those who stop watching t.v. long enough and kick start their grey matter. All Four are now controlled by the people behind the Federal Reserves. They control 85% of the world through Economics, Education, Politics, and Religeon. They allow people to believe that they are free, and have choices. They are Anti-Christ and are actually blood kin to Cain and followers of Satan's Doctrines. They believe that they are gods and desire others to worship them. They create lies and diversions to cover their tracks. If they can not control they will kill, steal, and destroy. Saints, have faith in the Word of our God, plan and prepare. It is well.

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