Thursday, March 3, 2011

God and Science

Having a small science background helps me as a Christian, because I am full of questions. The more I study science the more it points to Creation. Regardless of something being Created from nothing or something being Formed from something, it means that a Hand was involved. It is no coincidence that the sun is precisely where it needs to be. In the beginning Jehovah Elohim Created the heavens and the earth. When visiting the beach it continues to amaze me of just how large the ocean is and it stays inside its shore-most of the time. Or the Grand Canyon. Some credit the river for carving the canyon, not me. Rivers can run deep, but not wide. Legitimate science is good. God is the one who gives us the abilities to gain wealth, and knowledge. The majority of Mankind was Created on the 6th. Day; Afterwards God said it was good. We need to daily speak to ourselves that same statement-I am good. After all we are made in the Image of our Creator, and have His Spirit. Science and the Word shows us that the 6th. Day creation is much, much older than 6,000 yrs. old. The man Adam is a 8th. Day formation, with a special diet. He was a farmer not a hunter gatherer. Science supports Creation and is not evil.

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