Monday, March 7, 2011

God Spell.

Gospel is an Anglo Saxon  word for God Spell. It would be nice if we did not have to be under any spell, or influence. The same goes for a plantation, and bondage. Some believe that given the known choices, that they can escape making a choice. Sorry, life does not operate that way. Jesus said Luke warm are despised and spit out. Neutral is not an option. Chose this Day Whom You will serve. People actually have one choice-Which is Christ Jesus. If one does not chose then they can easily fall victim to their enemy. We are all in the world, but Christian should know that we are not of this world. We also should know to get into the Kingdom on earth, and occupy until Jesus return and find us busy feeding the sheep, clothing the naked, and feeding the hungry. I intentionally left off one so readers will do their own home work. Every One is a slave to something, so why not be a 'bound man' as Apostle Paul was.

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