Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Guide.

I mention previously about me attempting to cut a path across a field. The path was later to be tilled and planted with 300 blueberries, which it was. When cutting I picked out a tree across the field and 99% of the time kept my eye on that mark. Several times along the way I quickly looked down to see if everything was OK. When I looked back at my handy work it looked as if I had been under the influence of alcohol. Everywhere that I took my eyes of the mark, I went crooked. Such is life. Our Mark is Jesus-He is the Standard. Remember Peter walking on water, and what happen when He was distracted? We all will sink, and Satan knows it to. Anyone who follows the media can tell that everything has sped up.The end of Daniel speaks of an increase of Knowledge. This is not a good Knowledge but the one from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Evil thoughts and imaginations, and activities would increase. Their time is running short and they know it. Keep the Faith, pray for Wisdom, and keep our eyes on the Ultimate Guide.

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