Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Know Who Wins.

I love speaking with people one on one because I can see the look of disbelief in their eyes. They have a look of a lost puppy and need answers right now. No more discussions or debates, answers. Also a part of the deer in the head light look is people sizing me up and attempting to get a feel for me-Am I for real? In this regard I am just like Glen Beck - Don't trust me, go do Your own home work. I am referencing Scripture. It is the nature to keep breaking things down to the bottom line until the BIG picture has been removed. We must have a revelation through the Holy Spirit of Who Jesus Christ is. If we read or hear on a consistent basis about Jesus it helps. The Holy Spirit is the One Who turns the Light on. We must know the Rules to be in a Right Standing relationship with Our God. We must follow His Rules for the benefits. Believe me it is easy and not too late to start. You can also go to the back of the Book and see Who wins. None of what is happening in 2011 is a surprise to our Father and neither should it be for Us. Have Faith and work on the Confidence. Don't be prideful because there are many lost sheep all around us. Follow the instructions - and win.

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