Friday, March 11, 2011

Lift up Japan

I don't know why I find myself drawn to what is going on in the East. I ask what meanest though because at first monitoring stocks, especially metal prices felt as if cheating was involved. When most are watching the 6:oo pm news, I am watching New Zealand, China, and Japan open for trading. When our markets open some 15 hrs. later I already know the trends. Unless there is a new crisis. On 3/10/11 there was an earthquake that shook Japan and high waves are a threat not only to Japan but miles away from Japan. Even knowing that these will happen does not take away the fact that these are real Human Beings involved in the loss of their lives. Lord Christ Jesus please have mercy on the victims and through Your Holy Spirit direct us on what we need to do to assist in this time of crisis. Amen. The price of gold does not matter today!

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