Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Mark - #6

Jesus caution His Followers to be aware of Deception. I look and listen and I believe that politicians and the media are so closly related that it is a tie. Actually they are becoming so intertwine that it is increasingly difficult to tell them apart. They hammer us with a little truth and a lot of non truth and keep it going. It saddens me to see and hear of possibly 10,000 people losing their lives in Japan as a result of an Earthquake in the ocean. But the media pounds us with stories of a radiation leak that has no victims to date. So what are they selling? Fear. Issiah said that we establish ourselves on Righteousness, and fear oppression, and terror would not come near us. Let us also remember that Jehovah Elohim[ Christ Jesus] did not give of this spirit of fear. Oh yea the #6 is the number for man, and or deception. Remember Ephes. 6 and let us gear up for today.

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