Saturday, March 5, 2011


One of my hero's is Booker T. Washington and I encourage everyone to look Him up on line. He believed in uncovering ignorance and replacing it with knowledge and the ability to work with ones hands. His statue also shows a book which is important. I joke by saying if I ran a school I would teach the basics; Assist people in getting a revelation of who Christ Jesus is. Teach reading. And teach musical chairs. If one learns and master musical chairs they would look at life differently. Especially poncy schemes,pyramids, the green backs, the stock market etc. Don't get caught up in the music [ cares ] in life and be 'it' when the music stops. Don't be the 'it when the green back collapses, or the markets crash. Or worshipping false idols when Jesus return on the 7th. Trump. In the past 50 yrs. we have been Miss-educated in that we believed education was the key to success. Proverbs mentions Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding. No mention of education. Money is not the answer, neither is riches. Wealth is generational and should be obtain by the Righteous. Grandchildren enter naked but should worth something by the time they get here.

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