Friday, March 18, 2011

New Bible Gender Neutral

I responded earlier today to a blog about a new Bible that is Gender Neutral. At first I was not going move  until reading some of the responses to the article. I believe in the Companion King James, and older Strong's Concordance of the Bible. These are not for children's Church, but for mature Students. In Places where Man is, mostly it is talking about Mankind, IE; On the 6th. Day God created Mankind. The Truth should not be a put down, but it should provide Understanding. Be careful of those who seek to make MERCHANDISE of you.The Word of God cannot be patented or copyrighted. So the words are changed from God's to man so man's word is copyrighted. Sad to report that when the Word of Jehovah is intentionally changed it almost always leads to cults. Apostle Paul ask the question-Who bewitched You ? The " New " versions have subtle changes to steer people in a specific direction. The problem is that they are steering the readers away from the Truth and towards a man. Remember the #6, it represents man, and or deception. The end of this line will be the Thief sitting in the Temple attempting to convince the people that He is the Christ. Many will fail this test and will be just behind their Pastors in this line to worship on the 6th. Trump. The people behind these Bibles do not believe in Christ Jesus anyway.

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