Monday, March 21, 2011

The People get it.

Many people are getting the facts correct as to where we are in the world an where we are quickly headed. We are living in Prophecy, and making history at the same time. In Daniel and Revelation it speaks of war against the Saints. It grieves my Spirit when I see wickedness marching on-especially in broad open daylight. I acknowledge that there is wicked all around us friends, but not to fret. Keep our eyes open and stay focused on the Wicked in High Places. The madness around us is a symptom of mess involving Principalities... Take a stand and whisper I see it and I object to it. Apostle Paul says our silence means that we are in agreement with it. So speak out,sign petitions make phone calls to leader etc. When Judgement falls You will hopefully have a clear conscious. We are also admonished to pray for our leaders,so let us keep up our end of the load and not be found lacking.

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