Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I read daily of high crimes, violence, and corrupt leaders. I hear the complaints of the people. Most give credit and blame to a man. Sometimes the complaints are so often and so loud that it appears non stop. The sad part is a shortage of Godly Men with a mic or a platform to explain what is going on. As we graduate past being babes in Christ we should know something is going on. As I re-read 1 Sam. 8, I am reminded that God told Samuel that the Leaders had rejected Him [ Father ]. It also says a part of the warning was the king would take a 10th, a 10th. a 10th. This represents a plaque. When we jump the gun and choose for ourselves a king we reject The Father we bring all kinds of trouble into our lives. When my children reject me I become deaf, and allow them to figure it out on their own. My children often times repent before adults can comprehend what is happening. When trouble is constant the Father says 'consider your ways '.

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