Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Shadows

I can not comment on some blogs because it appears that We the People are not getting the message. People continue to blame the POTUS for doing exactly what He said He would do. The blogs remind me of a person that found a frozen, cute little snake. After nursing the life back into the snake it bit the person with deadly venom and the victim ask why. The snake responded-You knew that I was a snake when You brought me home. If we continue to pick by the flesh, we will end up judging by the flesh. If we open the door to race, we will not be able to close that door-only God can close it. Please let us all do better and stop responding to "race bait". The Pres. is guilty and the media. Let us not allow ourselves to be a party to the crime. When some spirits come to visit, we all would do well to send them back to where they came from. When we demand restitution, the spirits tend not to return. Join me in prayer in Exposing the and expelling the wickedness operating in the shadows around Washington, especially 1600 Penn. Ave.

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