Wednesday, March 30, 2011

War against the Saints.

The Book of Daniel speaks of war being made against the Saints. These are set aside ones. They are on the earth right now and know who they are. Jesus spoke of the Holy Spirit bringing all things back to Your remembrance. The Saints know the Truth or have access to what ever when ever they need it. When a Saint hears the Truth a light goes on in their Spirit. They History [ His Story ] and immediately picks up on deception. They also know how to try the spirit by The Spirit and will not listen to anything or anyone. I believe that 7,000 angels fell with Satan and to counter this, there are at minimum 7,000 Saint in the earth right now. It is grievous for a Saint to watch all the people that confess to follow Christ Jesus yet can not control themselves. Listen to these followers and they carry themselves the same way the world does. My fellow Saint, When You have done all that You can to stand-Stand. The War is under way. Don't forget to gear up with all Your Armour.

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