Saturday, March 26, 2011

Who goes to hell ?

This was the question in a recent article written by Rabbi Brad Hirschfield. Apparently taken from a book titled "finding faith without fanaticism". Christ Jesus was a Hebrew of the Tribe of Judah, Seed of David. When He was informed that His Family needed to speak with Him responded; Who is my Mother and Brothers? Jesus had to deal with what was remaining of the True House of Israel first [Judah] then the connected. Many believed and converted and followed in obedience. The Rabbi represents a Race and Religion that I respect but can not get around Christ Jesus as Creator, Lord, King, and Saviour. I have as a man of color tremendous respect for Jews for Jesus-they get it. I personally believe that we all have trouble in this life, but without Christ it is Hell on earth. The Word teaches that during the 1,000 yr. rein of Jesus on earth, that there will be training going on, and The Satan will be incarcerated in the pit. Jesus will be visible in Jerusalem and Satan visible in the pit. After the 1,000 yrs. of training Satan will be released to tempt people that were being trained. Those that still follow Satan and Satan will be destroyed in the fire. Their spirit,soul,memory everything gone.

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