Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why the Middle Class?

The Middle Class represent the majority in most societies. They are considered sheep, and passive and non-confrontational. They want to see and believe that someone is looking out for them. They fail to understand that the 'system' is designed to control or outright enslave them. The easiest way to destroy the Middle Class is through the destruction of currency. Wicked people believe that if they can control the currency it matters not of other rules or what the Constitution says. Because of deception, people that are against war do not have a problem with over taxation,inflation,or the sale of notes and T-bills. Ever wonder just how wars are financed, or why America has to come to every one's rescue. Notes [ greenbacks ] are akin to playing musical chairs - when the music stops, whoever is left holding them will be out. As unrest takes place around the world it is your duty to find out what is happening with the Notes. The Elites are not concerned with the poor. The wealthy few read and can not be fools so easily. That leaves the Middle to steer the ship. The only concern that the system has for the Middle Class is that they represent numbers, because they are a number. That is why polls matter so much to the wicked.

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