Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Already Condemmed?

I consistently read a variety of media in an effort to stay up on what is going on in the World. The two worlds that I am referring to are the full land masses that contain seven continents and that are connected to one body of water, I call the ocean. The second one is people on earth that are not operating in God's Kingdom. Christ on the Cross took away Satan's stinger. Rom. 12:2 The Kingdom comes through a renewed Mind. I call it the Gold Mind. As Followers of Christ we must know and Follow the Rules. When blogging I get a negative response on my personal email and sometimes think of John 3:16. Yesterday and last night God would not allow me to get away from John 3:16-19. High lite 19. There may be some who do not know of John 3:16. In the Epistle of John it says that there are some who know and rejected the Truth. He calls them AN Anti-Christ. Because of Satan's rebellion and the same rebellion in His followers they can not Confess Jesus Christ as Lord. The 'Tares' didn't just spring up overnight. Do not lose any sleep over them-They know and have rejected the Truth.

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