Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Bible Matters.

The question was ask today on F.N.C. opinion section, does the Bible matter? It is the Word of God. It is Spiritually given. It is the same yesterday today and forever. My Companion King James is one of my most prized possessions. I remember reading stories about it being illegal for slaves in America to be taught to read. Those that broke this rule risk serious injury or death. Slaves desired to read so that they could read one Book-The Holy Bible. Jesus said Blessed is He whom knows and do the Commandments. There are Rules of life that we can only get from the Manufacture. Most major purchases comes with a warranty book. A book of do, and don't do. and so it is with Our Creator. Some precautions prolong life, and others will void the warranty. Most are ignorant that life has rules and guidelines. The Bible is also the Greatest History Book that has ever been written, and a Road map. The victim of infidelity is the one who commits the act. The same for adultery and so on. Read the Word and Apply-that's the proof that it is being learned. Jesus often responded "have You not Read"? Do not let that be us.

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