Saturday, April 2, 2011

Divide and Conquor revisited.

Yesterday AOL had an article about Blacks leaving the Blue States. On their blog a person identified Himself as a Conservative wrote; I hope that they don't bring their socialist ways with them. Immediately this had a negative affect on me. He was a victim of the media, or possibly do not know any Blacks or that the breakdown in the inner city is slightly more complicated than referring to All Blacks as lazy, or socialist. Apostle Paul says owe no man except love. How do I need love expressed to me? Tell me the Truth. For a conservative to be a good ambassador it is required to know the Truth. 20 yrs after the Civil War the Democrats got what they had been needing to have happen. If Blacks were allowed to vote, they must vote Democrat. The K.K.K was created to destroy the Republican Party.Why were Blacks the target of violence?Because approximately 95% of them voted Republican. The SYSTEM went after Black leaders with socialist programs which were totally against what Harriett Tubman, Frederick Douglas,Booker T. Washington taught and walked. Blacks were deceived and desired a voice-You counter with truth and an ear.

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