Friday, April 1, 2011

A Head of Gold.

I remember a program in the late 60s early 70s where there were three people answering questions on a panel and at the end the objective was to guess the persons true identity. The host would say would the real so and so please stand up. At the moment of truth there would be head fakes and movement as if the true person would stand. God has again done the heavy lifting and identification for us. He sent the Spirit of Elisha into the earth that requires us to choose who Our Father is. The Father already knows but things are now in living color for us to see. There are no head fakes pretending. What we are witnessing in 2011 are the real people. The average Elite is smarter than the average person, but not smarter than one using the Spirit of Wisdom. They are soo smart that they think that its room enough at the top for all of them. In Daniel 2 there was two weak spots; One the kingdom was top heavy. The second weak spot was mixing clay and iron together. It will not take much for Christ Jesus to strike and cause all of the kingdoms to fall. The True Saints know that its time to take a stand.

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