Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jehovah's Passover

The Passover started with the Hebrews who were in bondage in Egypt. They were instructed on how to put lamb's blood on the door post and the Death Angel would recognize it and Passover that house. This was a Type for what would later take place on the Cross with Christ. Satan/Death came into our lives through a Commandment that was broken in the Garden. The Death sentence was satisfied with the sacrifice of the Ultimate Lamb on the Cross. When babes in Christ state We are no longer under the Law, this is the one. The law of Death. The Passover of Jehovah we are to keep, and teach to our children, forever. Jesus was arrested on a Tuesday night, kangaroo court during the night, and put on the Cross Wednesday morning. Pronounced dead before sundown Wednesday. Many confuse the Sabath, with the Sabath day which is Saturday. Wednesday was the Sabath Passover,which had coincided. The instructions are 14 days after the solar eqaunox is when Jehovah's Passover is to take place. The actual day varies from one year to the next. Warning: This is not to be confused with the traditions of men.

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