Friday, April 29, 2011

Terminal Disease

On 4/28/11 My wife and I attended the funeral of June R. Wright, of Columbus, Ga. She was a sweetheart, and a family friend. Her death at age 71 came as a result of complications from cancer. As a Christian I often wonder if cancer knows what it is doing? The cancer grows, but is slowly killing the host.Our Spirit lives on but the cancer dies with the host. There is No cancer in Heaven. That equates to cancer-the suicide disease. Changing gears just slightly, I want to speak on Racism for a second. Race haters and baiters are on line with cancer. Both can be terminal. The longer that they remain hidden the more dangerous they become.Once a person plays the race card,that door can Not be closed again. Only God can close that door.Racist come in all colors and cross all economic levels and backgrounds. It is employed the same way a Skunk uses his main defence and for the same reason. 'You are uncomfortably close. Back up. Leave me alone'. The diffirence - The Skunk sprays smelly stuff as a last resort. We must invoke the Wisdom of God in dealing with both of these diseases.

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