Monday, April 4, 2011

Walking with Duds.

Dud is a military term for explosives that did not go boom when they were supposed to. Not only did they fail to explode, but now they are super dangerous because it is unknown when they will. Imagine Caleb,Joshuah,and Mosses walking with the Generation that had to die off. Because of their disobedience God told them that they would wonder 40 yrs and would not see the Promise Land. To make things even more complicated Caleb and Joshuah had been to the Land and seen what it offered, including giants. Giants present no problem for giant killers. The only way to relate with these walking dead is to visualize living in America over the past generation and watching the disobedience and knowing in your know er that judgement is here right now. People can all most taste the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth but can not enter in-for the same reason as the Hebrews. Now we must do exactly what the Three that had it correct did, and that is know God is real. Have faith in Him and His Word, and carry yourself as if Christ Jesus Himself is arms distance away.Not only does He see what we are doing but knows our thought.

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