Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wax Cold.

The Apostle Paul talks about a time towards the end of this age, where man's love for one another would wax cold. Daniel said that during this time period that knowledge would increase. In America this past week, Americana's once again were forced to choose side. The budget process came down to the a Gov. shut down of nonessential workers. The Obama Administration suspended an OMB directive that meant the military would Not be paid if there was a shutdown. The Pres. of the United States of America made a choice for Planned Parenthood and against the military. That my friends is a little sad. The big sadness is people accepted His stance.Some, including many ministers did not get it concerning Candidate Obama. God has given those on the fence a second opportunity to revisit Your choice. Christians are to Walk by Faith and not by sight. Worldly people walk by sight. Know what that means-We will never walk in agreement. That is why we should never, ever get involved in situations where there is unequal yokes. If Your prayer for Pres. O is for Him to be successful, then Repentance is in order. To the world a stray mutt is more valuable than protecting the unborn. That's cold.

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