Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The ages are three. Three Heaven, and Three Earth ages. They run concurrently. Christians have a little difficulty on their hands when it comes to dinosaurs and aging the earth along with Man. Satan was ejected from Heaven in the First Age. The First Earth Age was destroyed because wickedness filled the earth and God said He couldn't find a righteous man. Water did in fact cover the earth at one time-I am not talking Noah here. Jeremiah and Peter speak of the ancient age. The world that was, this one, and the one to come = 3.There are many things in nature that longs for things to be the way that they should be. Earth quakes, jet and gulf streams, magnetic and grid north, are evidence that something is not right. We are cooking down the clock on the end of the 2nd. Earth Age. Job makes mention of great animals; so does Jonah in the mouth of a great fish. Pre-history animals did exist, and the earth is millions of yrs. old. Mankind[6th. day creation] is also very old. The man Adam[8th. day creation] is approximately 6,000 yrs. old.

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