Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Cult

There is a group that believes that certain people will be taken out of the world this Saturday. The idea/belief that Jesus is coming this Saturday or any other day to take people out of the world is cultish. It changes the Word of God to fit a personal need;By definition that is a cult. When Jesus returns, it will be to establish a 1,000 yr. rein on the earth. During that time it will be Christian Bootcamp for those who have not committed their lives to Christ. Daniel 2 shows us 7 kingdoms - we are at the end of the 5th. The Gospels and Revelation shows us 7 Trumps. We are taught conditions and circumstances that take place. Jesus did not say, when You have time, take a look at what I am saying will come to pass. He said learn them. Labor pains means that the intensity would increase over time. The only thing close to being taken 'out' will be those that are told that the Christ is here and will be destroyed. Where the vultures gather, that is where the bodies will be. The Antichrist comes first [6 Trump]. Jehovah God returns on the 7th. Trump which is after the Antichrist is physically on the earth.

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