Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dreamers & Visionaries.

From time to time I must keep my youngest child tuned up. He is now classified as a senior at Albany State University and is bight and making good grades. Pushing Him is not the problem,getting Him to maintain focus is. He likes to multi-task and enjoys being the center piece of activity. I refuse to allow Him to get comfortable which is dangerous. The Word speaks of a time when Young men will have visions, and old men will dream. The vision here is out front or in the future, and is usually big. Most visions are so big that often times are not accomplished in one lifetime-that's from the big G. The old mean and the dreams? They have gotten to the point where they spend or waste time day dreaming. Wives, believe Your man when You ask him what He is thinking and He replies-nothing. I relate to this because as a Grandfather I must kick start myself. Fail to plan for this can be a waste, and leads to  sitting around talking about the good old days. What were we doing in the good old days? Complaining.We should daily ask the question Dreamer or Visionary? and get busy.

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