Sunday, May 8, 2011

Grace 11

Under Grace, Jesus brought and put a higher standard in place. If certain body parts offended, then cut them off. Also lust which lead to visually committing an act could cause a person to be guilty. The sin is started and grown in the mind. Paul says that we must bring our thoughts under subjection = control thoughts. Real racism is hatred for someone because of ethnicity. The media and Hollywood would have us believing that a racist demon is hiding behind every bush in America, which is untrue. The danger in spreading mess is it eventually will get on the one spreading it. Prov. 6:16 - Six things that God hates. The seventh being an abomination. 6:19 He that soweth discord among brethren. This covers a single person that should know better, to churches that are spreading social justice, to the media and Hollywood. Remember - Grace is a Higher Sandard.

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