Saturday, May 7, 2011


In the Gospel of John, chapter one, it says when Jesus came He brought Truth and Grace with Him. A portion of the Grace was connected to spreading the Gospel of Christ Jesus. We are all called to be Ambassadors for Jesus, and the Kingdom of Heaven which is here right now. The Kingdom is inside of us but requires a new mind [Rom.12:2]. The Grace period is winding down and at a certain point will be history. Jesus spoke of the 12 Bridesmaids who were instructed to prepare for the Groom. 5 prepared, 5 did not prepare. When the time came the 5 who were not prepared requested some of the oil from those that had prepared. The answer was no, and they were directed to the street to buy from those who sell. Those that sell on the streets are in a 'black market' type situation. The #5 represents Grace. Some will accept it, while others will ignore it, and pay a premium for their decision. Invoke Grace today into Your lives.

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