Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Hat.

Apostle Paul stated that Women ought to always keep their heads covered. Most put a period behind that statement, in place of a comma. Eve was beguiled by Satan = Sexually seduced. Genesis 6 speaks of 'fallen angels being attracted to Women. Throughout Biblical history there have been several situation with these angels and Woman. The flood of Noahs' time took out a group of them. The Commandment in the Garden was for Mankind not to become intimate with Satan. In Satan's Knowledge it just sends His descendants who are quite appealing to Women. Paul and Jesus states that they will return again with the same circumstances that were present in Noah's day. They were eating drinking, giving and taking in marriage. The covering that Paul speaks of is not a hat, in spite of whats being taught in the local church. It is a Spiritual Covering. If a Woman doesn't have a Saved husband or if single, a Saved Father/Dad in her life then CHRIST is IT. The fallen angels/nephel also lust after attractive males as well. The moral of the story is we all need a Covering which is Christ Jesus.

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