Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Have You Not Read?

This question was used by Jesus in response to a question that He was asked. But for Christians that actually follow Christ Jesus, We may be required to answer the question ourselves. The context was the Word of God, mainly the Mosaic Law. Ephes. 6 speaks of the whole armour of Christ. We must know whom we are fighting and as much about the enemy as they know about us. One way is through reading.I have mention previously books that I recommend; The road to serfdom, The coming insurrection, and rules for radicals. In rules for radicals, Saul Alinsky gives credit to Lucifer. He speaks of creating change from the inside, and making conditions so bad that people will accept change. We read that what this current Administration is attempting to do, is not new. I also like Fred Douglas, Harriett Tubman, and Booker T. Washington. Read.

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