Friday, May 20, 2011

If You did not Know...

Eventually We will make a choice and later on wish We could re-do it. There are a few Radicals that voted in 2008 for the Person at 1600 Penn. ave and are quite pleased with what He is doing. Many who profess Jesus as Lord in their lives also supported Him. Some were fired up with the status quo and desired a change. Some were optimistic and impressed with the look and the speech. President Obama was sent to the earth to DIVIDE. His spirit is the same one that was on Elijah, which requires one to make a decision on whom they will follow. Obama basically deceived most of the world. He is not The Antichrist but An Antichrist. Read or google 'rules for radicals' so You to can follow the script. It would not have mattered if McCain, or Hillary Clinton won the seat, We would be going through the same mess. All three are Progressives and according to their leader - Saul Alinski the progression is Republic,Democracy,Dictator,Communism.By the way, a democracy is socialism, but is to trick people into believing that they are 'free'. If You didn't know, now You do.

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