Monday, May 23, 2011

Radical Tactics.

An ancient Chinese proverb is to study your enemy. Know your enemy, and know Your self. I blog daily on Vision for America, Fox, and Fox Nation.There are people that will attempt to isolate,challenge, and ridicule people's statements. It is a little offensive and really difficult not to respond in kind. Oftentimes the offensive people call others a lie, or name call. I pray that God's will is done their lives. Where is this headed You ask? The book 'rules for radicals' spell out the above tactics. Eve in the Garden made a statement and Satan called God a lie. So the rest of us may as well get the facts,toughen our skins and know the drills. Ridicule. Create instability. Take people out of their comfort zone. Challenge morality.Freeze and isolate the target. 2007 it was Sarah Pal in that this was used on;now it will be Gov. Christie in N.J. Oh yea, have some power, but make subjects believe that You have more.The enemy is Satan and His followers [Ephesians 6:12].All the above tactics are to transition a Nation from One form of Gov. to another;IE. Republic-Socialism,Dictator-Communism. Most Americans don't know where We are on the Progressive scale.     *Socialism*

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