Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Truth.

The little false prophet who predicted that He was out of here, last Saturday, is still in the news. Saying now that He miss-calculated, and the new date is in October. He is not sad to me. The ones that profess to be followers of Jesus Christ that refuse to read the Word for themselves is sad. Proverbs says that Knowledge is king. Wisdom is very important. In all of Your getting, get an Understanding. The word rapture is not in the King James Bible,or Manuscripts. It is 'secular humanism'; meaning a non-believer brought it into the Body of Believers. It is from the Doctrine of Satan. Why is it important to know the Truth? Not knowing is bondage. Not knowing will cause people to worship THE Anti-Christ who gets here on the 6th. Trump vs. Christ Jesus who comes on the 7th. Trump. Idol worship is forbidden. In Scripture it speaks of two, and one taken. Those taken are "harvested" by the Anti-Christ. Jesus states, My sheep know my voice, and will not respond to another. Assignment, read 2nd. Thes. 2.

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