Sunday, May 22, 2011

We are still here.

The only good thing about cults is they should generate conversation. It has been far too much talk about Jesus returning on a specific date and take people out of the world to save them from Tribulation. All of this goes against what the Word says. If You are flying out, when Jesus is coming here, that means someone is heading in the wrong direction. The Believers will be here during Tribulation. We are to practice Ephes.6 and minister to others. The famine that is coming is a shortage of the Word. That is where We come in at. It is a reminder that there are 7 trumps, the Anti-Christ comes on the 6th. and Jesus returns on the 7th.. Daniel and His friends are examples of how Jesus take care of His own. When the Word says 'touch not mine anoited' He means exactly that. In Revelation the Angel is to insure that the Saints are sealed in their forehead because of deception. When Jesus returns we will all be converted into the same Spiritual Body that Jesus has. If You think that He is here - pinch Yourself, if You feel it You are still in the flesh.

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