Monday, May 16, 2011

Which Law?

There are a hand full of People in America that would like to move forward past God/Jesus and the Constitution. One way around, has been through politics, education,economics, and religion. The other way at the same time is by putting like minded judges in positions. The third way is a radical leader who by-passes the Legislative Branch and gets laws passed through Executive Orders. Matt. 21:1-5 deals with this. Almost all the appointments were held by one group. Two of which were the Scribes and Pharisees. This group had changed the Law of Mosses to the traditions of men. This group would have the brightest debate, then conclude what was best for every one else. When reading the Scripture 1-5 it compares very close to what is going on in America, and has gone on around the world. Whenever something is written in 'stone' it means that it suppose to be around. Now we also on top of that have a conscious, and the Holy Spirit as a Guide and assist Us in remembering. Short of that, man makes and changes far too quickly to keep up. Never, ever compromise God's Law,or principles.

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