Friday, June 10, 2011

Blind Leaders....

God tells us not to get involved with unequal yokes. One will end up doing all the work. Jesus spoke of 'Blind leaders' and said for us to stay away from them because both were headed into a ditch. He was speaking of leaders who are Spiritually blind. It has been deceived leaders or bribed leaders who told us who God's chosen People are-they lied. The ethnic group that attacked Jesus during His three yr. ministry were the Scribes,Pharasees,Sadducees,etc. They were the same ethnic background. They did not believe in Jesus then and most do not believe in Him today. 1John said those that were with them, went out from among the Believers and spoke against the Believers-they were an Antichrist. The wheat and the tares is a classic example of identify the enemy and leave them alone;In this parable the tares are Cain's children. Whenever We are disobediant to the Word of God and refuse to make corrections,we are headed to a ditch.The only good is it will be plenty of leaders in the ditch as well. In 2011 there are plenty of blind leaders all around the world, just look for their FRUIT.

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