Monday, June 6, 2011

Civil Rights Museum

Last Friday 6/3/11, My wife and I spent the day in Memphis, Tn.. We were at the National Civil Rights Museum for several hours, which is not nearly enough time. I highly recommend this museum to all Christians and history buffs. It was chilling to stand several short feet from Dr. Kings room, and from where He fell on the balcony. Across the road,again standing several feet away from Ray's room, and the window that the alleged shot was fired from. Why the recommendation? Throughout the museum it is filled with the spirit hate. I am continuously reminding church folk including leaders and pastors of the danger of hate. I have no medical evidence but I believe that hatred is like a cancer. It becomes dangerous only when it gets on or inside a person, then it begins to slowly destroy it's host. The Two Greatest Commandments are to Love the Lord Our God with all of our heart,mind, and soul. The second is to love our neighbor as ourselves. The first,will keep us in 'right' standing with our Creator. The second in a 'right' standing relationship with our fellow humans. My advice is for all mankind to Repent, and Forgive.

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