Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Cost.

A question was ask on vision for America today; Is taxation stealing? I don't think so. Excessive or double taxes are a curse. Debasing the currency is stealing. Using unbalanced or rigged scales are an abomination. That is what the Federal Reserves has done with the currency-They manipulate the currency. They are modern day 'money changers'. In 1 Sam.8 God said that the people have rejected Him. They were informed what the cost/penalty would be. They did not care-just as many in 2011 around the world, do not care. Most do not realize that the "freedom" that they are seeking is "freedom" from God. It is rejecting our very Creator. We must realize that we will be a bond servant to someone, or something. Most will not even acknowledge where they are in life-there is a title for double taxation, without representation; It is called Socialism/Communism. I in the name of Jesus denounce All of the world systems and acknowledge that I need Jesus and will submit to His will and authority. Whew, it cost less to follow Christ than the world. I'm going to hang with Jesus Christ. Always way the Cost.

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