Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Endowed by Our Creator.

I have a book titled 'Christianity and the Constitution' that I've owned for approximately 10 yrs. It seems more relevant today because in June 2011 more people are concerned with liberties slowly easing away. Most of the Founders were Religious and Bible believing Christians. A few believed that God Created everything then left Us alone, not intervening in daily activities of Man. Endowed by Our Creator is actually written in the Declaration of Independence, but shows the mind-set of the Founders. The Republic separated itself from the Crown and Church of England and it is documented in the Declaration as to why. A Republic has Three Branches. All Three are depending on those positions being filled with People of the same mind as Our Founders. The Creator absolutely must be involved in All Three Branches in order for a Republic to exist. No Creator = No Republic, very simple. Through deception, We lost the Republic in 1913 but can get it back. We must repent and Call on Jesus Christ if We desire a Republic-otherwise it only gets worse from here.

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