Wednesday, June 15, 2011

God = 1 Man = 0.

I continue to be disappointed in the turmoil going on around the world and hearing people putting their hopes on Man. The word Man is not gender specific. No matter who is in office there will be complaints. The Word is clear in the Old and New Testament that without God there will be trouble in the land. Most are familiar with Deuteronomy 28-the Blessings of obedience,but unconcerned with the consequences of disobedience. Psalms 1:1 speaks of Blessed is the Man who walks not in the council of the Ungodly-what if we do? Jeremiah 17:5 Cursed is the Man who puts His faith/trust in Man. Jesus said Don't think that I came to bring peace, but a sword, to all families that do not put Him first. This earth age We are to choose who we love and follow. Man will always be a poor substitute for Christ Jesus who took Our death sentence and walked away with it.

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