Thursday, June 16, 2011


Several media outlets are reporting that America has become comfortable with handouts. I believe that this was the intent from the beginning. Handouts take away mans desire to hunt and fish and survive. My radical brother continue to say that wild game animals need guns too. He never mention the animals in the super-markets being able to defend themselves. Many test on municipal water from around America have shown evidence of the chemical that is found in birth control pills. This may be connected to the feminizing of men. Adult males that openly admit to watching the View should be tested for too much estrogen. the point is Satan as a roaring Lion roams to and far seeking those that He may devour. IDOL worship has always been forbidden. Satan, and followers through deception has a insatiable appetite for people to worship them. Accept handouts if You must, but do not allow it to become comfortable. Never lose the skill to hunt. Satan through communism is waiting;We have a much better choice in Christ Jesus. Life and Death are in the power of the tongue - chose Life.

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