Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Its all a Lie.

I read blogs daily, and also read news from various sources. The truth has been slightly tainted. At one time I watched many of the tele-preachers,again the truth has been slightly twisted. I am down from many to Two that I follow on a regular basis. They must have a Companion Bible and read or quote the verse and have the correct context. Concerning the media and politics it appears that they allow a certain amount of wiggle room in speeches and statements. This reminds me of how Subtle Satan can and has been. He twisted words in the Garden when dealing with Eve. He attempted the same thing with Jesus Christ when temptation in the wilderness took place. That is why I consider anything less than a Companion Bible a child's book. The Words are twisted to the point that people are being lead to worship the Antichrist. And it is not just the Bible but regular history books are being changed for 'change'. When Jesus referred to the "little children" it is because they ask many questions and trust. As we get older We stop asking questions which is a no-no. Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding is what We should strive for.We can not get it from the WORLD.

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