Monday, June 13, 2011

A Letter to the People.

I was Black for 51 yrs. until Nov. 2008. My parents are Black and so are all four sets of my grandparents.But I had to turn in my Black card, because of Obama. President Obama was born and elected to do exactly what He is now doing. He chose to be Black to accomplish His sham. The people behind the Media, Federal Reserves,Rothschilds,and all Progressives were a party to this crime. I immediately decided that one of us is not like the other, so I let Him have it. The scam is Obama is actually White. 23 chromosomes from Father gives specifics to the child,eye color,sex,etc. It is the X and the Y from each parent. The MOTHER determines the ETHNICITY of the child. Obama and the under-world needed Him to be Black because He would be UN-touchable,for a while. The tactics being used by the Rothschilds,Labor Unions, or Saul Alinsky are not new. Their roots can be traced back to the 'doctrin' of Satan.I recommend a Companion Bible,American History in Black and White,Rules for Radicals. Always remember Ephesians 6:12 on who we are fighting. Any unresolved hate must be repented. I know who wins this fight, and it is worth fighting. May God Bless .

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