Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The new face of Racism.

Dr. Walter Williams wrote a very good article in the NYT about racism. I also have older blogs on racism, and will not repeat the same information. The new face is Blacks committing racism. Many Blacks do not think that they can be guilty of committing this sin, but they can. Racism is a spirit that can do far more damage than cancer or heart disease combined. Where We are in 2011 is the application of what has been taught in public schools and our Churches. Secular Humanism crept in unawares. These tactics were handed down from Satan to His Children, the Kenites. These are the 'Tares' from the parable the Wheat and the Tares. The moment We think that We have "free Will" is the moment that We become fodder for Satan. The line in the sand is still the same. We must choose WHOM we will serve, which goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden. Rules for Radicals-organize the leaders. Miss-educate the teachers. A. Young, Jesse,Sharpton,and Obama are guilty of spreading Discord among the Brothers and will pay for their transgression. See that We do not follow their lead.

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