Monday, June 27, 2011

Tolerence = Danger.

I don't put much stock in polls, however some say that same sex marriage is gaining acceptance around the world. Today I am Not concerned for the 'natural man', but I am deeply concerned for my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, who maybe unsure of a position. The 'natural man' doesn't accept things of God. The 6th. Day Creation was given a Command to be fruitful and multiply. This requires a male and a female and the off-spring is to be as the parents[kind]. Godly Parents - Godly Children. That is how it is done in Nature. A description of the 'right order of things' is in Rom. 1:26. A Natural sense of 'right' is in Rom. 2:14. The Word teaches that if We are silent, then We are in agreement. Rom. 1:32 states if We have "pleasure", the correct word is "consent" with those that practice Lawlessness then the Punishment is the same for all involved including those that "consent". Before a Christian says it doesn't really matter, they should know the RULES. Tolerence is NOT a Christian principal. It came from Satan to handcuff those that lack Wisdom,Knowledge,and Understanding.

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