Friday, July 22, 2011

America, Stand Strong.

I mention several times in 2010 that the 'Powers of Darkness' was setting up the perfect storm for the summer of 2011. The debt ceiling was just one of several walls that We would face head on. Another was QE3? This Administration has not had a budget in 2 yrs. The President now owns the unemployment and the economy. I an today dumbfounded as to how 3 trillion dollars could be spent in 2 1/2 yrs. How could Congress allow the spending to continue in 2011? It is obvious from the debt ceiling talks, that President Obama has His own agenda. The President's finger prints were on several fires in Middle East countries and He has shown that He knows how to drive up gas prices; worthless green stuff, and civil unrest in and around oil producing countries. We are in the midst of planned mess by Progressives who are being used by the "Prince of Darkness" Himself-The Satan. There can not be Light and Darkness in the same place, at the same time-We must reject Idol worship and invite Jesus Christ back into America. A house or nation that is not built on Christ will not endure the storms of Life. Jesus is the Answer.

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