Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Christanity, A Reality.

It is good to have people fight fires that are going on right now. It is also good to have people that are Spiritually Discerning and Visionaries on board as well. Jeremiah 17:5 speaks of a curse for those who puts their trust/faith in man. Further down it speaks of good times and the cursed not knowing it. The 'Powers of Darkness' represents ignorance, because it is the exact opposite of "Understanding". I would hate for any Country to fight hard against Communism and Dictators and awaken one day to Sharia Law. And We all look at each other and wonder what has happen. Ephesian 6:12 mentions war and various weapons and protective gear. We must keep our eyes open, and skilled enough to fight on more than one front. Some are quite comfortable talking about the good ol days. Many complainers did not know that they were good at the time, because they were too busy complaining. We are all a 'bond servant' to someone;so We may as well Submit to the One Who will give You freedom and not Slavery. Christianity is freedom, a Reality, and a Way of life.

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