Monday, July 18, 2011


I must admit that it ticks me off to see how the 'Powers of Darkness' is moving in the world today. In reading the 'coming insurrection, the road to serfdom, and rules for radicals', we can clearly see where the Rebellious One is headed. They are counting on the "bottom up" pressure to be so great that We will accept change. My .308 which I have over thirty-five yrs of experience with going back to M60 and m21s and Ruger 77 with Leupold fire dot scope on it, sometimes jump up and down in its case. Especially when communities will be intentionally set on fire by wicked leaders.My flesh says get the guns-and that is what I an confessing to. We must plan and prepare-even for our neighbors, some of which have financed this current mess and or nursed it along. The Dark system is counting on Our lack of Wisdom and Us turning on one another. Jesus admonishes us to be as meek as a dove and Wiser than The serpent-which is Satan.  I encourage at least Three [3] days worth of water,dry goods, candles, matches, and axes/hand saws,for You and Neighbors. Let Your Good Light shine-this will be a great time to be an Ambassador for Christ Jesus.

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